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Meet Dr Sarah Dan.

She’s a details girl, In a good way!


Sarah understands the fears and challenges that arise and how to address them.
Sarah’s back story is probably not that different to yours so we thought we’d share it here to show just how real she is. Having trained as a dentist, Sarah felt there had to be something more. It was only after experiencing her own orthodontic journey to straighter teeth (they look great, don’t they?!) that she made the leap to more study and became an orthodontist.

For Sarah, Orthodontics is what she does. What’s more important is why she does it.

“I know what it’s like to have a smile you don’t feel good about. I went through my teens and part of my twenties dealing with it because I didn’t think braces were cool. But something changed in me when I realised I could feel better.

Between my own study and my direct experience of having braces later in life, I came to appreciate the real value of quality orthodontic treatment. I realised it can transform lives. People often comment about my smile and it makes me feel great. And that’s what I love doing for the people I work with. It’s why I became an orthodontist.

Since having my teeth straightened, I can honestly say my life has been different. It is so satisfying to be able to do that for other people now.

It doesn’t matter if my patients are kids, teens, or grown ups. I take time to listen and really show I understand. Now as a mum with two kids with teeth needing orthodontic treatment, I know there’s a lot involved in just getting to appointments. It’s a constant juggling act.

Yes, I’m an orthodontist, but more than that, I see myself as being able to work with my patients to feel better about themselves and life. I love it”

SO Smile!

A guide to straightening out the confusion, concern and catastrophes around orthodontic treatment.

As a working mum and orthodontist, Dr Sarah Dan has laser vision into every dilemma facing kids and parents when it comes to orthodontic treatment. That’s why she’s written SO Smile!

There is pressure to do the right thing and be the best mum. We’re also heavily weighted by a lack of time, financial constraints, and the volume of commitments we’re juggling. Orthodontic treatment can just seem like another ‘thing’ that demands more of us.

SO Smile! provides important relief to mums – and dads and carers – who are responsible for kids, by effectively cutting them much needed proverbial slack. It outlines clear steps for the treatment process. By providing clear information written in easy to understand language, SO Smile equips readers with everything they need to navigate a successful treatment journey, arriving at a smile they love.

Want to feel like someone’s got your back?

Then read SO Smile!

My biggest commitment through SO Smile is to help people avoid the common confusion and
catastrophes around orthodontic treatment. The main reason? Because I’ve found people are
being taken advantage of, particularly when it comes to orthodontic treatment for their children.

How do I know this?

Well, I can answer that question easily. Virtually every day I see mums and their kids who:

  • Have signed up for orthodontic treatment they don’t understand
  • Have received over treatment for their child’s condition
  • Have felt confused about why they’re having treatment (would you believe many people have NO idea why they’re receiving treatment?)
  • Are overwhelmed by the cost of orthodontic treatment
  • Feel pressured to ‘keep up with the Joneses’ and have orthodontic treatment,
    sometimes even when they don’t need it.

Through SO Smile, I’ve endeavoured to address these issues, presenting solutions in clear, non-technical language that’s easy to understand and makes sense.

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