Dental Assistant

Meet Rhiannon

Dental Assistant


What’s great about Rhiannon?
With 5 years of experience as a dental assistant, Rhiannon brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role. She finds great fulfillment in accompanying her patients on their transformative smile journeys and witnessing their reactions when their braces are finally removed.

Having undergone her own orthodontic treatment, Rhiannon understands the positive impact that a smile transformation can have on an individual’s confidence. This personal connection enables her to empathise with her patients and establish a strong rapport, creating a supportive environment throughout their orthodontic journey. Rhiannon’s ability to relate to patients and provide exceptional care adds a special touch to the overall patient experience.

In her free time, Rhiannon cherishes the company of her family, friends, and her two beloved dogs, Lily and Archie. During the warm summer months, Rhiannon also enjoys camping on the beaches of South Australia, as it allows her to unwind and recharge, providing a perfect balance to her professional life.