We provide orthodontics for image driven young adults.

Orthodontics for millennials is a thing.

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With influence beyond almost any other demographic, the demand for orthodontic services for young aspirational adults continues to grow.

The team at Specialty Orthodontics makes it their goal to help you achieve the smile to compliment your image and life. As Adelaide’s best orthodontist for millennials, we’re happy to say, Specialty Orthodontics is well and truly across what this image-aware, tech savvy bunch really want.

Orthodontic services for millennials. Flexible options. Affordable solutions.

We recognise one of the biggest hurdles with millenials and young independant adults and orthodontic services is cost, that’s why we’ve created flexible options to make treatment affordable. As part of our approach, we’ll outline a number of treatment pathways and the associated costs. Our goal is that you clearly understand what’s involved, allowing you to make an informed and confident decision about what’s right for you.

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Invisible solutions such as Invisalign and clear braces


Convenience with remote monitoring and same day treatment starts


Perfect even the tiniest imperfection to create a smile you love.


Cost effective treatments that won’t take forever

Orthodontic services for millennials: How we can help

If you had braces as a teen, there’s a chance you didn’t keep up your retention post treatment. After all, during our twenties we often think we’re indestructible and some of the basics, like regular brushing, flossing, and wearing a retainer can go by the board. Without a retainer, those beautiful teeth your parents invest in have probably moved. The upshot is you’re not feeling so good about taking those all important selfies for Insta. The good news is Specialty Orthodontics can get your smile back on track. Following an initial consult, we’ll outline a tailored approach that returns your smile to what it should be – beautiful and confident.

There’s a big event coming up – your wedding, or maybe a friend’s, and you just don’t feel you can smile the way you know is possible with beautiful teeth. We get it. Life’s milestones are important, so why not look your best? If you plan ahead, it’s entirely possible. The best part is you not only look great on the day; a beautiful smile lasts a lifetime.

You feel like it shouldn’t matter, but it does (at least it does to you). You’ve been invited to interview for that dream job, and while you have the smarts and experience, you feel your smile is holding you back. The team at Specialty Orthodontics can help. Restoring confidence and self-care is what we’re all about. When you visit us, we’ll discuss the best options for creating a smile that will transform how you look and feel, whether it’s at work or play.

Those persistent reminders from your parents have finally registered: Taking care of your teeth for life is important. You want to invest in quality orthodontic services for millennials, but like most of your friends, you’re juggling multiple balls. Committed? Yes you are, but just a little cash-strapped too. At Specialty Orthodontics our philosophy is that getting the right treatment should never be put off because of funds. With flexible payment options available to suit just about every budget, we’ll support you to find a manageable way to achieve the smile you’d love.

Maybe you’ve had a negative experience at the dentist, or perhaps previous orthodontic treatment didn’t go so well. The bottom line is clinical places make you nervous. In fact, it’s enough to put you off making your teeth a priority. But here’s the thing – orthodontic technology has advanced light years from the traditional heavy metal braces that caused so much angst among teens. There are now many options available to millennials and we’ll discuss them all with you to decide which would suit you best. The team at Specialty Orthodontics pride themselves on making you feel at ease!

Yes, you want the best care for yourself, but you want to know that your orthodontist isn’t just about the teeth. They need to be a real person who you can connect with and is inspired by a purpose that means something to you. If there’s one thing you should know about Dr Sarah Dan and her team it’s that there’s a mission behind what they do. Sarah’s enthusiasm for helping people create their most beautiful, confident smile is matched in equal measure with her generosity extended to Give a Smile and Youth Opportunities. Specialty Orthodontics also contributes to B1G1 in recognition of how important it is to give back to the community.

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