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Taking into account your needs, goals, age and stage of life, we’ll tailor an individualised treatment pathway. We can because we get you. Part of the way we work is making orthodontic treatment accessible and affordable for more people.
We work with:

  • Kids, teens, and tweens
  • Millennials
  • Adults

Orthodontics for kids, teens and tweens

It starts with peace of mind

Whether it’s teens, tweens, or both you’re dealing with, knowing the right orthodontic treatment pathway to follow can be confusing.

We get that the decision to invest in orthodontic treatment is a big one, and with planning at the right time and taking a long term view, it’s possible to have a fulfilling experience and a fabulous smile at the end. After all, who wants an average experience that’s only half okay and not quite right?

Many parents and carers ask why they should launch their child’s orthodontic journey early. Let’s just say a little planning goes a long way. So does peace of mind. When you take the time to visit the orthodontist early, you have the information needed to help plan all aspects of your child’s treatment (and yes, that even includes the financial aspects).

Our approach to teens and tweens is based on the experience of treating literally thousands of patients. Yes, we’ve dealt with our share of grumpy teens and anxious tweens. Our team is a clever bunch. They know to adjust their approach to each individual’s personality, and to strike a balance between challenge and support that leads to long term growth and confidence.


Whether you have a longstanding orthodontic issue to be corrected, or simply want a smile that shines, finding a team you can work with and like is key.

Research shows that people with a beautiful smile not only feel more confident, they attract more opportunities too. We love seeing our patients’ smiles transform, but more than that, we love watching their confidence grow too.

With super flexible, interest free payment arrangements, why wait to transform your smile?

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Orthodontics later in life

Once upon a time, orthodontic treatment was primarily the domain of teens, but with a modern day mindset of maintaining our teeth for life, it’s almost never too late to transform your smile.

We love our more mature patients and love that they are making an investment in themselves. If you’ve decided it’s time to enjoy the smile you’d love to have, now could be the perfect time to reach out and speak to our team about the options. You can be sure we’ll take time to understand your needs and goals, then provide recommendations about the best way forward.

No pressure. No fuss. Just honest advice that meets you where you’re at.

Take the first step to your gorgeous smile today.

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