Our approach to orthodontic treatment is uncomplicated

We work in partnership with you and keep it real.

Some answers for some common concerns

That means you can head straight to us for treatment, without visiting a referring dentist.

Treatment times are shrinking all the time. Especially for simple cosmetic solutions, you may be surprised to know treatment can be as short as a few weeks or a few months.

This means everything we need to develop your individualised treatment plan is in one convenient location and you can have all the facts at your initial consultation rather than having multiple appointments.

That’s because it’s easier keeping straight teeth clean.
Dr Sarah Dan answering some patient questions.

Our Treatments

Orthodontic treatment that works will set you up with the confidence to live your best life.
And that’s what treatment with us is all about.
We can help you with:

Who we work with:

Taking into account your needs, goals, age and stage of life,
we’ll tailor an individualised treatment pathway.

We can because we get you.

A big part of the way we work is making orthodontic treatment
accessible and affordable for more people.

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What our patients say

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