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Every business has a back story and we want to share ours.

Here’s the ‘Why’ behind Specialty Orthodontics

Meet Sarah Dan

Dr Sarah is inspired by a desire to make orthodontic treatment truly accessible to all people.

Understanding through her own experience the difference what a beautiful smile can make to a person’s confidence and enjoyment of life, Sarah developed the concept of Specialty Orthodontics.

Created around the idea that orthodontic treatment should be enjoyable, fun and affordable, Dr Sarah is not only transforming people’s lives; she is transforming the world of orthodontics as well.

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Our approach is all about reaching outcomes you can see and feel

Straight teeth. Confidence. Happiness. Simple.


As we work together, we’ll come to understand any fears, concerns or goals you have about your
orthodontic treatment so these can be addressed in the time we’re working together.

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Patients always have questions and often ask:

This is a great question and it’s usually the first one that is asked by patients and parents alike.

There is no doubt orthodontic treatments can be expensive, but we have worked hard to create affordable and flexible payment options for patients.

Generally speaking, the more complex the treatment, the greater the cost.  For example, simple cosmetic solutions will be less costly and take less time than treatments involving significant re-alignment work.

All treatment costs will be developed in discussion with you so that at every step of the journey your costs are very clear and manageable.

The duration of orthodontic treatment will vary according to each patient’s needs. The earlier we can make an assessment, the sooner we can plan how to integrate treatment into your life and get things underway. This is particularly important for children, who can make their first orthodontic visit when they’re just 7 to 8 years old. The important thing to remember is: if we’re able to intercept an issue early, often it can reduce the duration and cost of treatment. A patient’s commitment is a big factor influencing treatment times. Treatment is most efficient if excellent oral hygiene is maintained, no breakages occur and elastics are worn as instructed.

Adults undergoing treatment can expect to have treatment for between 6 and 24 months. Simple cosmetic solutions typically take less time than treatments involving more significant changes in jaw function. We work with you to achieve your desired treatment outcomes in the shortest possible treatment time.

It’s a myth (and a little wishful thinking) that teeth straighten as they erupt.  This is why we, as well as all the major orthodontic associations around the world, recommend bringing children for an orthodontic assessment at around 7 or 8 years of age.  Even if your child still has baby teeth, we can assess them for their potential orthodontic requirements.

By this stage, it’s common for some adult teeth to have already erupted, while others are in the process of forming. This provides a helpful baseline and gives some clear pointers about what to expect as your child’s teeth develop. It also means you can plan for it in your life and budget.

Apart from establishing a clear picture of your child’s teeth, there are many other benefits to starting early:

  • Improves the outcome of the final result of treatment
  • Makes comprehensive treatment easier
  • Reduces the need for extraction of teeth as part of treatment
  • Improves balance of jaw relationship
  • Allows natural jaw growth to compensate for jaw size discrepancies
  • Prevents injuries to teeth and jaws
  • Improves self-esteem and confidence

The main thing you need to know about braces is they can transform how you feel about yourself and your life.  A big plus!

We encourage our patients to avoid letting negative past experiences they or others may have had prevent you from enjoying the many benefits orthodontic treatment can provide you now.  With orthodontic treatments having advanced significantly, you may be pleasantly surprised to find all you need to know about “orthodontic treatment” is that it’s worth the investment.

With today’s modern technology braces do not hurt, however, following some visits you may feel slight tenderness of one or a few teeth but this subsides very quickly. As an orthodontist does not extract teeth or use injections our patients usually find the appointments very comfortable and pleasant.

Every patient is different and we can’t tell you accurately how many appointments you may need until we’ve outlined your treatment plan.

We use the latest technology in orthodontic braces and wires, which means we usually see you between every 6 to 12 weeks depending on what we are trying to achieve with the treatment at each stage.

We understand our patients lead very busy lives so we aim to run on time, make appointments short and efficient as possible.  We will schedule as many of your appointments as possible after school or at a convenient time to you. Sometimes this is not possible and we ask for your understanding at those times.

We’re committed to giving back

One smile at a time


If you know someone who would be truly grateful for a beautiful smile, why not get in touch?
Specialty Orthodontics participates in Give a Smile and is able to support a number of charitable cases each year.
While application criteria are in place, please talk with us if you feel you have a genuine case for assistance.


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