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How do braces work?

There are three main components to braces – brackets, active clips and archwires. Each of these work together to provide the necessary pressure to move your teeth.

Metal or ceramic brackets are attached to each tooth. An active clip – the part of the bracket clipped over the archwire – holds it in the bracket slot. Archwires connect each individual bracket to another through a slot at the front of each bracket.

As a Specialty Orthodontics patient you can also experience the latest technology in self ligating braces called In-Ovation brackets. These are fixed on the tooth surface to move teeth into the correct position. Think of them as handles on teeth.

Did you know that at Specialty Orthodontics we use wire technology originally designed by NASA?!

What are the options with braces?

You’ll hear us say that braces technology has advanced significantly, which means there are more options depending on your needs, budget, and lifestyle. Dr Sarah is super particular about the braces technology she uses for patients and only uses self ligating treatments because it results in less discomfort, shorter treatment times, and few appointments. And we figure that’s good news all round for our patients.

Clear braces

Clear, ceramic braces are made of clear, translucent material and are most popular with adult or older patients. They are generally placed on upper teeth only, unless the patient’s bite allows for them to be used on the lower teeth.

Metal braces

Metal braces usually the most familiar to people are the braces commonly used for children and teens.

Lingual braces

Lingual braces are metal braces placed on the inside of the upper teeth so they can’t be seen.

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Braces FAQ

Like all technology, braces are only as effective as the practitioner who is working with it. Having treated literally thousands of patients with braces, Dr Sarah excels at delivering the very best in braces for treatment of complex and simple orthodontic issues. Add to this Dr Sarah’s specialist studies to become an orthodontist, her deep understanding of treatments to correct orthodontic issues, and her meticulous attention to detail – and you have a winning combination on your hands. Talk to us about what else is different about the way Dr Sarah approaches braces treatment for patients of all ages and stages of life.

We totally agree that braces could look more aesthetic, however there is an upside.

Back in the day, there were few choices when it came to braces. There was neither the treatment modalities or materials used for brackets, wires, and adhesives that are available today. Now, braces are made of different materials, such as clear ceramic, while wires are from nickel titanium and steel, which can often be coated so they are tooth coloured.

Before any treatment commences, we take time to understand important details, like your goals, the kind of lifestyle you have, and any concerns. Only then do we get to work on creating a transformational orthodontic treatment. We specialise in bespoke treatments (there are seriously no cookie-cutters at Specialty Orthodontics!). Together with Dr Sarah, you’ll create the exact smile design you’re after whether it’s correction of a longstanding bite or jaw issue or straightening your front teeth for that big event.

We totally understand finances come into the equation with braces treatment. We have several options for payment of treatment. Whether it’s smaller monthly amounts or extended, interest free payment schedules, our team is here to help. Just ask us. Oh – and there’s a sibling discount too!

Thankfully, braces to straighten teeth have come a long way from what they once were. Like many of the advances in technology, braces are designed to be effective. It’s possible you may experience minor discomfort for a day or two at most after commencing treatment, or after placement of new wires, but this should be manageable with over the counter paracetamol. And you are never alone. Our team is always here to help with questions if you are ever concerned about any discomfort from treatment.

Dr Sarah is focused on helping both parents and children to gain more than a beautiful, confident smile from treatment. In her view, braces treatment is the perfect vehicle for kids to grow in confidence. And parents learn a little along the way too! They see how their child, who may be shy and lacking in confidence, transforms into a brighter, happier human being. And who doesn’t want that for their kids.

The very best orthodontic care is truly transformational. Let us help you and your child grow at Speciality Orthodontics. Book a braces consult today.

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