Oral Health Therapist

Meet Linh

Oral Health Therapist


What’s great about Linh?
Linh is an empathetic and gentle therapist who exudes a deep passion for her profession. Recognising the anxiety that dental visits can evoke in some individuals, she is committed to providing her patients with the utmost care in a calming and supportive environment.

Born and raised in Adelaide, Linh holds a Bachelor of Oral Health degree from the esteemed University of Adelaide. With a remarkable 10 years of experience in orthodontics, she has actively pursued continuous professional development by attending numerous courses and conferences, consistently expanding her knowledge base.

Additionally, Linh adeptly manages the social media presence of Specialty Orthodontics, showcasing her prowess in digital engagement. Additionally, she takes charge of organising events such as Christmas functions, ensuring memorable celebrations for the team.

Beyond her professional endeavours, Linh finds joy in spending quality time with her loved ones. She indulges in her passion for cooking and frequently explores new culinary horizons. Linh also nurtures her sense of adventure through travel, eagerly embracing new experiences and cultures.

Linh’s dedication, expertise, and vibrant personality contribute to the exceptional care she provides to her patients while maintaining a fulfilling and well-rounded life outside of work.