Oral Health Therapist

Meet Mai

Oral Health Therapist


What’s great about Mai?
Mai graduated from Bachelor of Oral Health graduate from the University of Adelaide in 2011. She has accumulated valuable experience in both General Dental and Orthodontic practices. What truly fuels Mai’s passion is her love for Orthodontics, as she finds joy in witnessing the happiness and excitement radiating from patients when they take the first glimpse of their amazing smiles after completing treatment.

Beyond her professional endeavours, Mai embraces the role of a proud dog mom to a lively French Bulldog named Murphie. Her cherished companion keeps her active and entertained, often leading her to the dog park for spirited playtime. When not at the dog park, Mai indulges her taste buds at various cafes, delighting sweet pastries.

Mai’s dedication to the field of Orthodontics, coupled with her love for her furry friend and her appreciation for delectable pastries, creates a dynamic and vibrant presence both within and outside of work. Her ability to bring smiles to patients’ faces extends beyond the clinic, as she cherishes her personal pursuits and the fulfilment they bring.