Orthodontic technology

January 17, 2023 | SO Technology | Reading Time: 5 Minutes

Advances in orthodontic technology. Good for treatment. Great for patients.

Orthodontic technology has advanced significantly in recent years, with the latest developments making the patient experience a more manageable – and enjoyable – experience. As a specialist orthodontist, we take our responsibility to keep current with advances in orthodontic technology very seriously. Attending professional development training is part of the process, however investing in orthodontic technology that makes for a better experience makes a tangible difference to the people it matters to most – our patients.

And while orthodontic technology might not be your number one focus when you come to us for treatment, it is good to know that at Specialty Orthodontics we research and invest in technology we know will deliver the best orthodontic outcome for our patients.

We also recognise it’s not only about the outcome. The journey is important too. Advances in orthodontic technology mean planning and delivering treatment is easier, more effective, and comfortable. The latest orthodontic technology can even reduce overall treatment times, as it allows for greater accuracy in diagnosis and more individualised treatment progression.

Here’s an overview of the orthodontic technology we use at Specialty Orthodontics, however, if there’s more you’d like to know, be sure to book a time to speak with our friendly team and they will explain everything you need to know.

Imagine easily creating a 3D image of how your beautiful smile will look after your orthodontic treatment. Well, it’s not only possible; it’s easy with the 3D Itero scanner. An important advance in orthodontic technology, the 3D Itero Scanner allows us to scan patients’ teeth in preparation for Invisalign treatment and make 3D printed models for retainers. Instead of relying on physical impressions to create your Invisalign clear aligners as was necessary in the past, we can produce an accurate digital image of your teeth within just a few minutes; all without the uncomfortable goop that was used in the past. And the bonus? You’ll be able to see how your treatment will progress and exactly how your smile will look at the end of treatment. Think of it as a little inspiration to keep you going.

Using an intraoral 3D scanner, software and 3D printing, the team at Specialty Orthodontics takes all the hassle out of making the retainers which are necessary to keep your beautiful new smile in place after treatment. With our 3D printer, we will make a model of your teeth and use this to fabricate your retainers. Not only does this mean faster manufacturing of your retainer, it also means we can be more precise and save you time and money. 

One of the challenges people face with orthodontic treatment is the amount of time required to visit their orthodontist during the treatment period. Well, we’re excited to say this is no longer a challenge with remote dental monitoring using artificial intelligence (AI). Save precious time and still connect with us to ensure your treatment is on track. Remote monitoring sounds easy because it is. You simply take scans of your mouth using your phone and these images are automatically sent to us for review. Together we’re able to track your progress, keep you on track, and stay connected. It also means less travel time, waiting for appointments, and time in the treatment chair.

Keen to know more about what technology do orthodontists use? Just get in touch with our team. We’re here to help.