Meet Stacey

Oral Health Therapist

For her, orthodontics is all about working with people.

A country girl who studied in Adelaide, made her way to Sydney (where she worked with Dr Sarah), and then did the round trip back to Adelaide, Stacey loves that orthodontics is about people. She also gets a kick out of being able to work with her hands.

What’s great about Stacey?
Stacey’s enthusiasm for putting people at ease, when they feel concerned or anxious, is a stand out feature of her approach. She has a lovely, gentle way of telling and showing people ‘what’s going to happen next’. Doing this in her own unique way, kids think orthodontic treatment is fun, and grown ups just relax. Nice.

In her words:

My big thing is wanting people to feel comfortable. Whether it’s a young child or an adult, I consider things from their perspective. I do everything I can to make it fun for the kids and enjoyable for adult patients, while always focusing on providing good information that educates and expands their awareness.

There is nothing better than seeing the changes that occur with people’s teeth as they straighten over time and the changes that occur in the individual themselves. They become more confident and happy and it’s lovely to be part of that.