Meet Kim

Front Desk Co-ordinator

She’s organised

Responsible for the details, and with a unique gift for pulling it all together to keep things running smoothly, Kim is a wonderful set of eyes and ears on the ground.

What’s great about Kim?

Talk about organised, Kim is like the engine of a well oiled machine. Yes, we know we need the other parts, but seriously, the engine is what keep things ticking over.

Are our patients comfortable? Check.
Did we remember Mr X’s last holiday? Tick.
Have we followed up on Mrs Y’s latest treatment? You bet.
Have we remembered everything? Stand by!

With a memory like a steel trap and super organised to boot, Kim is the glue that makes things stick.

I love being part of a team that has such a great energy about it. Without overstating it, we each place such a high value on patient care and making the experience special for people. It’s not hard to believe you’re making a difference. I personally feel our approach is what people are looking for: care that is warm, connected and human. And on top of that, we get a great result for them too.